Friday, July 25, 2014

Progress Check

Today I am two weeks post-surgery and I thought it would be a good day to post that I feel great! I am walking *almost* normally, but I'm pretty slow. I have no pain at all, but my knee doesn't work the way I expect it to work. Each day gets a little better. The node incision is still a little tender, but nothing to get excited about.

To be honest, I feel better than I expected to feel. 

I still haven't heard about the second read of my node. I'm hoping that they're going to call, and not make me wait until my next appointment on August 7th. I am living my life like my nodes are clear...I sure hope they are.

This is what my wle incision looks like after two weeks. Not bad, right?

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  1. Is it bad when I think of a shark bite, the "shark bait ooh ah ah" from Nemo pops into my head??