Sunday, July 13, 2014

Field Trip!

Today is day 4 post-surgery, and I finally feel kind of "human" again. I think I'm going to remember day 3 as "the hard one", where the lingering sluggishness from the anesthesia and the dizzyness / nausea from the meds made the day really hard to manage.

The good news for those of you facing this surgery is, I really don't have much pain. I think I stayed on a full dose of pain meds (Vicodin, every 4 hours) mostly because I had heard that I should try and "stay ahead of the pain" rather than try and "chase the pain" with meds, which doesn't work as well. Frankly, I don't think I had much pain, and the meds were able to keep it more or less at zero.

Here's a photo of my bandage and the surrounding area on day 4. Hubby said "whoa!" when he saw my swelling, but I actually don't feel like it's too bad.

Last night I started to alternate my Vicodin with a dose of 1000 mg of Tylenol. Today, I'm going ro reduce the Vicodin dose to 1/2 and continue with the 1000 mg Tylenol on the alternate doses for 24 hours and see how that goes.

Since I'm finally not dizzy, hubby wanted to take me on a mini-field trip! We went to Great Clips to have my hair washed. Big day!  Never thought I would look so forward to this kind of outing, but it was a treat. Here are a few photos from our outing. 

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